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Fusion™ Series - Most Advanced AOI Solutions for High-End PCB Manufacturers
Fusion, Orbotech's latest AOI innovation, takes AOI expertise a major step forward creating a true revolution in PCB inspection. Utilizing breakthrough Multi-Image Technology™, Fusion inspects a panel with multiple light sources in one scan for unparalleled detection accuracy. Designed for high-end HDI and MLB applications, Fusion re-defines PCB production efficiency, while achieving lowest cost per scan.

FusionTM. Nothing but the Truth.

  • True Detection Accuracy with Multi-Image Technology™
    •  Multiple inspections in one scan for unparalleled detection accuracy
  • True Intuitive Operation with Smart Setup
    • Optimal, short and intuitive process
  • True Performance:
    • High resolution at high throughput
    • On-line verification
  • True Running Cost Savings:
    • Lowest cost per scan for maximum production efficiency

Line Width Range (µm)
Fusion 22
25 µm
Fusion R2R*
25 µm
*For high-end FPC production with roll-to-roll automation and sheet-by-sheet modes
Discovery™ II Series - Best Selling AOI. Now Better.
Moving the world’ s best- selling AOI series to the next level of performance, Discovery™ II systems deliver new capabilities for greater operational efficiency. The system ensures high defect detection with full flexibility to handle today’ s challenging MLB, QTA, Flex & HDI mass production.
Line Width Range (µm)
DiscoveryII 9000
30 µm
DiscoveryII 8800
30 µm
DiscoveryII 8200
35 µm
DiscoveryII R2R*
*For flex PCB production with roll-to-roll automation and sheet-by-sheet modes
Discovery™ Series - Field-proven, Powerful AOI Solutions for PCB Manufacturers
Powered by field-proven SIP Technology™ to further improve manufacturers’ bottom line results, Discovery, the world’s best selling series, provides Simple, Intelligent and Powerful AOI performance. The systems feature inspection down to 45µm line/space at high throughput.
Line Width Range (µm)
DiscoveryXL for inspection of large panels up to 44"
45 µm
Orbotech's advanced Verification and Repair stations set new industry standards in image quality, throughput and ease-of-use for improving the verification processes in mainstream PCB applications. Our VeriSmart-A systems feature the patent-pending Amethyst Technology.

Amethyst Technology offers superior image quality combined with multiple illumination sources, enabling the operator to clearly distinguish between a real defect and a false one. Verismart-A is a significant feedback tool ensuring the best repair results.

VeriSmart/VeriSmart-A highlights:

  • Unsurpassed image quality
  • Amethyst Technology*
  • Ease-of-Use for high productivity
  • Tilted table for easy manual repair activities
  • Compact and compatible
  • Built-in vacuum ensuring quiet operation
  • Easy access and high working distance to defect areas
*Available on VeriSmart-A/VeriWide-A models only

Line Width Range (µm)



VeriSmart™-A with Amethyst Technology


VeriWide™ for large panels up to 26" x 36"


VeriWide™-A for large panels up to 26" x 36" with Amethyst Technology


VeriSmart™ R2R*

 *For flex PCB production with roll-to-roll automation and sheet-by-sheet modes
Download Fusion 22
Download Discovery II 9000
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