Orbotech’s goal is to make the most innovative technological devices in the world not only real, but affordable and accessible to all.

We offer a unique, challenging multi-dimensional environment. We encourage a discourse between varied markets and disciplines such as software, algorithm, electronics, physics, materials and more. This dialog generates bothe professional growth and personal development.

Our solutions, created by our talented minds, are based on sophisticated and patented software and algorithms. Our innovative technologies have launched a thousand designer dreams into the market. Virtually no notebook, smartphone or smartwatch would have made it into your hands without us.

Are you a talented software programmer or algorithm developer?

We are

The global leader in advanced micro manufacturing solutions. We operate in the fastest growing markets worldwide.

We provide

Cutting-edge solutions for use in the manufacture of printed circuit boards (PCBs), flat panel displays (FPDs), and semiconductor devices (SDs).

We enable

The production of innovative, next-generation technological devices by constantly pushing the boundaries of technology. 

Why Orbotech?

  • Influence the  company's success – In order to maintain our position as market leaders, we must constantly create and design new technologies and innovative solutions. 
  • Take a vital part in creating customer value, and a competitive edge.
  • The opportunity to develop state of the art algorithms in the fields of image processing, computational geometry, machine vision & machine learning. 
  • Great challenge for great minds – our main goal is to solve the complex challenges of next generation electronic devices such as improving functionality while continuing to shrink device size.
  • Multi-dimensional - writing good code is just not enough here, for your code to work it needs to efficiently connect with different systems, be smart enough to respond to dynamic industrial processes and cope with increasing computational challenges. 
  • Stimulating work environment that generates professional growth with like-minded people. 



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Today's software engineer understands that language is a tool. What we do and the challenges we face drive us forward. You won't find that anywhere else.

A multi-disciplinary system is the most complex system you can develop. We face challenges that are far more complex than one can imagine.

Our algorithm are usually based on newly published research. The simple fact is that what we do is ultra-challenging and at the forefront of technology.

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