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Making technology accessible

Technology is the most powerful force existing today.

It changes the way we live, communicate and work for the better.

Orbotech's goal is to make the most innovative technological devices in the world not only real, but affordable and accessible to all.

Virtually no notebook, smartphone or wearable device would have made it into your hands without us.



Proud to be part of the most significant technological breakthroughs


Orbotech, a multinational company with over 2500 employees and 50 sites worldwide, offers our talent numerous opportunities to develop and thrive across our different business units, spanning the globe.

Play in the major league

We work with the biggest, most influential brands worldwide.
Orbotech builds bridges between designer aspirations and their realization on the electronics manufacturing floor. Our innovative technologies have launched a thousand designer dreams into the market.


Orbotech offers a unique, challenging multi-dimensional environment. We encourage a discourse between varied markets and disciplines such as software, algorithm, electronics, physics, materials and more. This dialog generates both professional growth and personal development.

Here for the long run

For over 30 years, our innovative systems have pushed the boundaries of the electronics industry. We played an integral part in many significant technological breakthroughs - from the first personal computer to the mobile revolution - and we are on our way to enabling the first fully flexible screen.

Shaping the future of technology

Crafting the future of technology, this is what we do today. 

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