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Array Test Systems
Array test systems are an integral part of today’s rigorous quality and process control procedures in flat panel manufacturing lines. Utilizing advanced digital imaging technology, array testing systems enable manufacturers to collect and analyze data from the production line and quickly diagnose and repair process-related defects. As a result of this, manufacturers are able to decrease material costs and improve throughput.
The ArrayChecker test systems detect, locate, quantify and characterize electrical, contamination and other defects in active matrix liquid crystal displays after array fabrication. These systems use proprietary, non-contact Voltage Imaging® technology to provide a high resolution voltage map of the entire display, which is then processed through proprietary image analysis software and converted into complete pixel defect data.
The ArrayChecker test systems determine whether individual pixels or lines of pixels are functional and also find more subtle defects such as variations in individual pixel voltage. These defect data files are then used for repair and statistical process control.


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