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Automated Optical Inspection

Orbotech’s FPD AOI systems offer display manufacturers cutting edge automated inspection solutions, using advanced optics, algorithms and data processing capabilities to raise flat panel display production quality assurance and process monitoring to a new level.

Combining unique image acquisition and image processing technologies, the Orbotech AOI series offers unmatched defect detection and extremely accurate classification at the highest throughput rates, increasing manufacturers’ yields while improving their bottom-line.
The Orbotech Quantum and InVision AOI systems provide high-sensitivity detection, microscopic video images, classification, CD/ Overlay measurements, Macro (Mura) inspection and many more features, all within line index, to contribute to and dramatically improve manufacturers' yield.

Orbotech’s AOI Offline systems are extremely versatile and used for inspection of all layers at a number of different process steps, including after deposition, photo, etch and more. Our product portfolio includes the Orbotech Quantum, SuperVision and FPI-6xxx AOI systems, which offer excellent defect detection with the highest classification accuracy rates in the industry. 

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