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Orbotech Unveils the Ultra Dimension™ Series, the New 4-in-1 AOI Solution that Revolutionizes the PCB Production AOI Room at TPCA 2017

Orbotech revealed a new concept for the AOI Room at the TPCA 2017 PCB industry show in Taipei. The new AOI solution integrates leading pattern inspection, laser via inspection, remote multi-image verification (RMIV) and 2D metrology in a single time, space and resource saving solution 

YAVNE, ISRAEL, November 04, 2017 | Orbotech Ltd., a leading global supplier of yield-enhancing and process-enabling solutions for the manufacture of electronics products, publicly unveiled its new Ultra Dimension™ AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) series for the first time at the recent PCB industry TCPA 2017 show in Taipei. In addition to the Orbotech Diamond™ Direct Imaging for Solder Mask, Precise™ 800 AOS (Automated Optical Shaping) and Orbotech Smart Factory for Industry 4.0, Orbotech showcased the new Ultra Dimension in a model AOI room that drew more than 600 visitors during the show.

Designed to meet the rigorous demands of advanced PCB manufacturing using SLP/mSAP (substrate-like PCB/modified semi-additive process), the innovative Ultra Dimension is the first AOI solution to integrate four leading systems into one. The solution, which includes pattern inspection, laser via inspection, Remote Multi-Image Verification and 2D metrology, signifies a revolution in the AOI room workflow and enables manufacturers to increase quality and yield while dramatically reducing their overall total cost of ownership (TCO).

Ultra Dimension’s combination of high precision and high quality pattern inspection and laser via (LV) inspection in a single scan is powered by Orbotech’s proprietary Triple Vision Technology™ and Magic Technology™. By using varied light settings and three different types of images, these technologies enable Ultra Dimension to improve detection capabilities significantly, reduce false alarms and decrease inspection set-up time. This, in turn, allows manufacturers of advanced PCBs using SLP/mSAP (substrate-like PCB/modified semi-additive process) the flexibility to inspect a variety of applications and materials, and eliminates the need to use inspection masks which can cause defects to be overlooked.

Orbotech’s 2D metrology automatically measures both top and bottom conductor widths for lines and pads of a wide variety of shapes, enabling the higher accuracy and impedance control necessary for SLP/mSAP as well as advanced HDI applications.

Orbotech’s Remote Multi-Image Verification (RMIV) enables the remote verification of multiple image   defects, which are automatically and simultaneously acquired during the inspection process. Orbotech’s unique multi-image technology enables operators to accurately differentiate between real and false defects, which are then sent to offline RMIV stations. Ultra Dimension with RMIV also reduces the number of verification stations required, thereby freeing up valuable floor space in the AOI room and allowing manufacturers to cut their overall labor and operational costs significantly.

The TPCA show was a huge success for Orbotech, with a great deal of excitement from the many PCB manufacturers and designers who visited the Orbotech booth, including more than 150 who demoed the new Ultra Dimension solution in the Orbotech demo AOI room.

“Based on the flood of visitors in Orbotech’s model AOI room, the new Ultra Dimension AOI solution was one of the stars of the recent TPCA show,” remarked John Ho, General Manager of Orbotech Taiwan. “Clearly, the innovative approach of our new 4-in-one AOI solution and its advanced technologies which revolutionize the AOI room workflow as well as reduce operational costs, are well aligned with the evolving needs of our PCB manufacturing customers and their future plans.”


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Orbotech Ltd. is a leading global supplier of yield-enhancing and process-enabling solutions for the manufacture of electronics products. Orbotech provides cutting-edge solutions for use in the manufacture of printed circuit boards (PCBs), flat panel displays (FPDs), and semiconductor devices (SDs), designed to enable the production of innovative, next-generation electronic products and improve the cost effectiveness of existing and future electronics production processes. Orbotech’s core business lies in enabling electronic device manufacturers to inspect and understand PCBs and FPDs and to verify their quality (‘reading’); pattern the desired electronic circuitry on the relevant substrate and perform three-dimensional shaping of metalized circuits on multiple surfaces (‘writing’); and utilize advanced vacuum deposition and etching processes in SD and semiconductor manufacturing (‘connecting’). Orbotech refers to this ‘reading’, ‘writing’ and ‘connecting’ as enabling the ‘Language of Electronics’. For more information, visit and

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