Defect Classification - ADC

ADC is essential for facilitating efficient repair processes

Orbotech's cutting-edge, Automatic Defect Classification (ADC) is used in the global FPD industry by many panel manufacturers. Automatic Defect Classification is implemented for monitoring the production process, for Go/No-Go decisions and repair judgment. As repair techniques continue to be improved, ADC is essential for facilitating efficient repair processes.

In a price sensitive and competitive market where material costs are high and account for total cost of large panel displays – FPD manufacturers must maintain the highest possible yields. Orbotech's AOI systems, featuring ADC capabilities, maintain those yields while improving product quality and productivity in a highly competitive marketplace.


  • Identifies and sorts killer vs. repairable defects
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Uses a sophisticated pattern-finding engine
  • Accurately classifies new versus repetitive defects
  • Combines Rule-based (user defined criteria) and Learn-based (from examples) classification applied on high-quality microscopic images of the defect
  • Includes a set of programming, segmentation, management and simulation tools


  • The leading automatic defect classification tool in the market today
  • Improves the efficiency of repair machines
  • Provides excellent process monitoring
  • Incorporates and expresses the knowledge of experts
  • Simulates human methodology but not prone to human error
  • Saves costs and footprint of review stations

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