Macro Inspection

Optimized macro defect identification for comprehensive inspection

The combination of Orbotech's Digital Macro and Advanced Macro Optical System (AMOS) increases the efficiency of the inspection process. This 2-in-1 micro and macro AOI enables the manufacturer to get a comprehensive and detailed view of any flaws and defects with no additional cycle time, and with no manual handling.

As glass sizes expand - tool space, glass handling and logistics tend to significantly increase manufacturing costs. By using the same platform to apply cutting edge technologies for visualization, identification and detection, Orbotech’s Digital Macro and AMOS technologies greatly enhance the cost-effectiveness of manufacturers' yield management processes for large-size glass panels.


  • A single platform for both micro and macro inspection with no additional cycle time (TACT)
  • Option for reflective, diffractive and color inspection, covering a large variety of Mura types
  • ‘Warning’ function alerts operators of probable macro defects
  • Images and defect ‘Warning’ indications can be reviewed by operators either inside or outside of the clean rooms
  • Allows higher sampling rate for macro inspection


  • Actionable intelligence increasing cost and time efficiencies
  • Fewer operator skills required
  • Saves valuable clean room space
  • Significantly reduces glass handling and macro inspection time
  • Enables long term process monitoring through image archiving

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