Deep Science

We take on complex technical challenges that often take years to solve. We work on the edges of deep science, exploring electron and photon optics, sensors, machine learning and data analytics. There is never a dull moment with us.


Investing in Innovation

The innovative ideas and devices that are transforming our world all begin with inspiration, research, and development. Last year we invested 15% of sales back into R&D. That's a measure of our commitment to solving the most daunting technical challenges.

  • Embedded in R&D with customers
  • Working two generations ahead
  • Continued leadership in innovation
  • Innovation 2X pace of competition


Greater Together

Active collaboration multiplies agile thinking. Deep partnerships with innovative technology companies keep tomorrow’s innovations on track. Together we maximize discovery and solutions.


Opportunity Ahead

We believe in our people and make it our target to promote from within. Our CEO started as a KLA engineer. That’s pretty good proof that we’re a company of opportunity.


Inclusion for All

We believe inclusion and diversity are a shared aspiration, commitment and responsibility. We recognize that harnessing the collective wisdom of different backgrounds, cultures and experiences is fundamental to ensuring our continued success.



Across hardware and software, KLA employees experience a unique and challenging multi-disciplinary environment.

Ideas are brought to life as teams encourage discourse from different regions and technology disciplines. With this diversity of experiences, KLA employees enjoy ongoing professional growth and opportunities.

There are no technical challenges too big or too complex for our expert teams of physicists, engineers, data scientists, and problem-solvers.

Social Responsibility

A Greater Good

We take our responsibility as an industry leader seriously. The KLA Foundation is committed to advancing humanity by investing in our communities to create a more equitable, inclusive and accessible world.

At KLA, we focus on improving lives in the neighborhoods where we live and work. We donate our time, talent and resources to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. We support local schools and after-school centers with science lectures and workshops, tutor and mentor students, host them in our office and teach them about our leading-edge equipment.


World Class Talent Close to our Customers

Global R&D, Manufacturing, Training & Service Centers

Global Footprint

We are a multinational company with over 10,000 employees and offices all around the world.

We believe that innovation thrives in a diverse environment built on communication, understanding, global culture, skills and knowledge.

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