Challenges in Dry Etching of AlN & AlScN for BAW Filters

Piezoelectric thin films are commonly used as the resonator in bulk acoustic wave (BAW) devices for RF filtering in handsets.  AlN is the base piezoelectric material but recent trends involve doping heavily with scandium (Sc) to improve the coupling efficiency.  Device makers are currently working with Sc content in the range 6-30at%.  As feature sizes have reduced over time the industry has also moved from wet etching to dry etching to define the piezoelectric layer and the associated metal electrodes.  Unfortunately, increasing the Sc makes dry etching more problematic because of the low volatility of scandium halides relative to those of Al and N.

This webinar focuses on these dry etch challenges and presents solutions based on the use of a high density plasma etch module called Synapse™.  Etch data will include performance comparisons with more mainstream ICP type reactors.

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Date : Wednesday 30th October 2019

Session 1: 08:00am UK / 09:00am Europe / 16:00pm China & Taiwan / 17:00pm Korea

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Presenter: Jo Carpenter, Etch Product Manager

Joanne Carpenter is a Product Manager for Etch Products at SPTS, and has over 15 years’ experience in the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing industries.

Prior to her current role, Joanne has worked for European Semiconductor Manufacturers Ltd (ESM) and ZBD displays Ltd.

Joanne joined Surface Technology Systems (STS) in 2007 as an Etch Process Engineer. When STS and Aviza merged in 2009 to form SPTS, she joined the Etch Samples Division as a Senior Etch Engineer, specializing in development of innovative etch process solutions and supporting SPTS customers on critical advanced packaging technologies in China, Taiwan and North America.  Joanne was also closely involved in the development of SPTS plasma dicing technology, before joining the Etch Product Management team in 2016.