AOS solutions for shaping short defects

Orbotech PerFix solutions deliver the highest quality shaping of shorts in the most advanced PCB designs, including any-layer, HDI and complex multi-layer and IC substrate boards.

AOS solutions benefits:

  • Maximum yield, minimum scrap – Accurate shaping of complex or fine defects saves PCBs that might otherwise have been scrapped, allowing PCB manufacturers to dramatically increase their yield and reduce their scrap
  • Superior quality – High accuracy shaping works to eliminate defects as if they were never there
  • High-speed automated shaping – Ideal solutions for high-volume production environments
  • Low TCO – Easy-to-operate solutions which enable up to 75% savings on manpower

With Orbotech’s unique AOS technology, PCB manufacturers can realize increased competitiveness and profitability by shaping advanced fine-line, high performance and IC substrate PCB panels. The following are the members of the Orbotech AOS family of solutions:



Ultra PerFix™ 500

Excess Copper: Down to 5µm line and space

Ultra PerFix™ 170i

Excess Copper: Down to 7µm line and space

Ultra PerFix™ 120N

Excess Copper: Down to 10µm line and space

PerFix™ 200S

Excess Copper: Down to 30µm line and space

PerFix™ R2R

Excess Copper: Down to 25µm line and space

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