Our brand story

The language of electronics

Today’s electronic devices are a lifestyle celebration. Small, sleek – and even wearable – they impact the way we read, write and connect with one another, enriching the language of communication.

Enabling their realization is where Orbotech comes in. For over 30 years, our automated digital production systems and innovative technologies have launched a thousand designer dreams into the market. Virtually no notebook, smartphone or tablet would have made it into your hands without us.

From reading circuit boards and flat panel displays to verify their quality and initiate repair, through writing metalized circuits on multiple surfaces and connecting with better radio frequency and power semiconductor devices, Orbotech is fully fluent in the Language of Electronics – and helping to write its future.

Orbotech has chosen ‘The Language of Electronics’ concept as its tagline to reflect the highly proactive research and development and various commercial growth strategies it is pursuing. The Language of Electronics encompasses much of Orbotech’s current offering and gives us a lot of wingspan for diversification. By saying that we are masters in this richly complex language, we are declaring that Orbotech is a significant enabler in many aspects of realizing designer dreams on the electronics manufacturing floor.

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