Sharon Cohen at IPC APEX EXPO 2020

Sharon Cohen, President of Orbotech West, talks to PCB007 at IPC APEX EXPO 2020...

President of Orbotech West talks to EDA Café

Sharon Cohen, President of Orbotech West, talks to EDA Café's Sanjay...

On a roll: New manufacturing processes inspired by flex

Flexible printed circuits (FPCs) are making a profound impact on electronic desi...

Industry 4.0 Drives New Perspective on PCB Manufacturing

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  • Source: EE Times

Industry 4.0 promises huge gains in factory data automation efficiency and produ...

PCB factories embrace AI

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  • Source: EDN

The evolution of PCBs from large and antiquated “printed wiring boards&rdq...

Summer School for Buyers: HDI & Auto Design

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  • Source: EBN

The shift from combustion engine-based cars with human drivers to semi-autonomou...

Brainstorm: What's the Next Big Advancement in Smart Home Tech?

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  • Source: ECNMAG

The introduction of 5G communications will advance capacity and connectivity far...

Orbotech Celebrates Success of Orbotech Diamond and Discusses Future Trends

At the recent CPCA Show in Shanghai, Orbotech celebrated having over 100 of thei...

REAL TIME with … Sharon Cohen at IPC APEX Expo 2019

2019 APEX/IPC Expo: Sharon Cohen, President, Orbotech West

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  • Source: EDA Cafe

Sharon Cohen talks to EDA Cafe at APEX/IPC Expo 2019

September 25, 2018

제조를 보다 지능적으로: AI와 인쇄 회로기판(PCB)의 세계

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September 25, 2018

오보텍 탐방: 오보텍의 PCB 부문 신임 사장 - Yair Alcobi

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