“Ramping up the Power”– 300mm PVD for Metallization of Silicon IGBTs and other Power Semiconductor Devices

The Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) was developed in the 1980s, specifically as a power transistor with improved switching performance at high current and high voltage.  Increasing demand for high voltage operating devices, such as electric vehicles and wind turbines, has led to growing adoption of silicon IGBTs in energy & power, automotive, consumer electronics, and industrial applications, despite increasing competition from SiC and GaN power devices.  While high volume production of power devices on 300mm wafers is still not “the norm”, several power device manufacturers are are progressing to realize the cost benefits of scaling to larger wafer formats.

This webinar will discuss how physical vapor deposition (PVD) can be used to deposit both thick frontside metal, and thinner multi-layer backside metals deposited after wafer thinning.  The presentation will give details of how SPTS Sigma® PVD technology overcomes various challenges which can affect yields in power device manufacturing, including eliminating whiskers during thick metal deposition, avoiding contamination from organics, active-face protection and stress control of backside layers on thinned wafers. 

Date : Wednesday 6th March 2019

Session 1: 08:00am UK / 09:00am Europe / 16:00pm China & Taiwan / 17:00pm Korea

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Repeat Session: 09:00am PST / 12:00pm EST / 17:00pm UK / 18:00pm Europe  

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This webinar will be of interest to:

  • Semiconductor professionals involved in design, fabrication and/or packaging of power semiconductor devices
  • Semiconductor production engineers responsible for optimizing throughput, yield and quality of power devices
  • Semiconductor design engineers

Presenter: Nick Knight,  PVD Product Manager

Nick KnightNick Knight has more than two decades of experience in the semiconductor capital equipment and related industries. He first joined Electrotech in 1995 as an Equipment Engineer working with PVD products, working in Asia, Europe and US. In 2001, he joined STS in the role of Regional Service Manager for Asia, and in 2003 joined the Marketing team as an Etch Product Marketing Manager. In 2010, following the formation of SPTS Technologies, Mr. Knight went back to PVD product lines as a Product Manager.