Additive Printing Solutions

DAM Printing

Inkjet printing is a cost-effective and accurate tool to print a barrier (DAM) to prevent underfill leakage or create keep-out zones between active and passive components.

Benefits of Orbotech Magna™ for DAM printing

  • Cost and space saving vs. solder dispenser
  • Higher throughput and design flexibility
  • Possibility to print high aspect ratio structures (from 10 to > 500um)

Isolating Layer Printing

Inkjet printing can be used to deposit a layer of insulating material on selective areas.

Benefits of Orbotech Magna™ for isolating layer printing

  • Higher savings compared to lithography
  • Good registration and insulating thickness control
  • Qualified for this application at Tier 1 OSATs

Inkjet Package Marking

As semiconductor packages shrink, they become more easily damaged by laser marking. Inkjet printing is an flexible, non-contact method of marking packages which gives a number of advantages over traditional laser marking. 

Benefits of Orbotech Jetext™ inkjet technology for package marking

  • No risk of heat damage to thin packages
  • Higher readability and contrast on different materials
  • High throughput even on dense and complex marking

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