Orbotech Ultra Dimension™

Orbotech’s Ultra Dimension™ is a 4-in-1 AOI solution that is revolutionizing the AOI room workflow. Leveraging Orbotech’s unique Triple Vision Technology™ and Magic Technology™, the Ultra Dimension enables manufacturers of advanced PCBs to completely overhaul the flow of their AOI room and reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 35%. With four leading systems - pattern inspection, laser via inspection, Remote Multi-Image Verification (RMIV) and 2D metrology - in one groundbreaking solution, the Ultra Dimension offers advanced electronics manufacturers a way to significantly improve their quality and yield and reduce their operational costs.

Key Benefits*

  • Decrease manpower by up to 40%
  • Increase throughput by up to15%
  • Reduce floor space by up to 30%
  • Reduce TCO (total cost of ownership) by up to 35%

* Based on a typical scenario


4-in-1 Benefits

Pattern inspection & laser via (LV) inspection

  • Single scan for both pattern and laser via inspection
  • Flexibility to inspect a variety of applications and materials in one scan
  • Significant reduction in false alarms without having to use inspection masks
  • Dedicated inspection channels for all stages of laser via production


Remote Multi-Image Verification (RMIV)

  • Automated simultaneous ‘grabbing’ of defect multi-images
  • Significantly shorter verification cycle time than existing solutions
  • Major reduction in quantity of standard verification stations and operators

2D metrology

  • Unique capability to measure both top and bottom conductor widths ensuring higher reliability and tight impedance control
  • Significantly faster 2D measurement cycle time
  • Traceability and data analysis enabled by digitalized process

Suitable for advanced PCB production including: 

  • SLP (substrate-like PCB)
  • mSAP (modified semi-additive process)
  • Advanced HDI
  • Advanced Flex
  • IC Substrates

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