VeriFine™/VeriFine™-A/Ultra VeriFine™-A

Verification and Repair stations for fine-line

Orbotech's AOI Verification and Repair stations for fine-line, achieve new industry standards of image quality, throughput and ease-of-use for the verification of advanced applications. Unsurpassed image quality provided by high-resolution cameras and powerful magnification can locate even the smallest of defects down to 1.5 µm.
Combined with our proprietary advanced algorithms – VeriFine-A systems include the patent-pending Amethyst Technology for clear-cut images of even the smallest defects providing easy distinction between real defects and false calls. Our verification and repair systems lower manufacturers' bottom-line costs while significantly increasing yields.

VeriFine/VeriFine-A/Ultra VeriFine-A highlights:

  • Unsurpassed image quality
  • Amethyst Technology*
  • Ease-of-use for high productivity
  • Easy access and high working distance to defect areas
  • Tilted table for easy manual repair activities
  • Built-in vacuum ensuring quiet operation
  • *Available on VeriFine-A and Ultra VerFine-A models only
  Line Width Range
VeriFine 15 µm
VeriFine -A with Amethyst Technology 15 µm
Ultra VeriFine-A with Amethyst Technology 7µm

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