Automated Optical Inspection

Innovative, advanced technologies offer simple, intelligent and powerful performance

Our technological edge ensures the quality of your products and the entire electronic manufacturing process. Using advanced optics, algorithms and data processing capabilities to detect, and categorize defects – Orbotech's extensive range of field-proven, inspection and verification AOI technologies successfully deliver a variety of solutions meeting even the most complex of challenges.

Orbotech's solutions include:

  • Cost-effective/high-end products suited for QTA and sampling production needs
  • Comprehensive range of AOI products and systems designed for mid to high-volume, advanced PCB and HDI production
  • Cutting-edge solutions for IC Substrate applications: BGA/CSP, FC-BGAs, advanced PBGA/CSP and COFs
  • Yellow Room AOI products: photo tools, masks & artwork

You can be sure that our innovative, advanced technologies offer Simple, Intelligent and Powerful (SIP) AOI performance unrivalled in the detection and verification of even the smallest of defects on any type of PCB at any micron size.