Orbotech Apeiron™

UV laser drilling for flex R2R and sheet-by-sheet

Orbotech Apeiron™ provides best-in-class, high speed UV laser drilling for roll-to-roll (R2R) and sheet-by-sheet panel manufacturing of flexible printed circuits (FPCs). The Orbotech Apeiron enables manufacturers to achieve continuously high quality, high accuracy, high throughput drilling of even the smallest vias. Leveraging its field-proven Multi-Path Technology™ in conjunction with the newly developed Roll Inside Technology™ and Continuous Beam Uniformity (CBU) Technology™, the Orbotech Apeiron is designed for a wide variety of drilling applications, including blind vias (BV), through hole vias (THV) and routing.

Key benefits:

  • High throughput
    • ~100% laser pulse utilization with up to 4 drilling channels
    • Large drilling area of 65 mm x 65 mm per head
  • Superior drilling accuracy and quality
    • Built-in precise measurement tools to ensure accurate drilling position
    • Built-in laser beam monitoring tools to ensure high drilling quality with optimal beam parameters including size, energy distribution and roundness
    • Automatic beam shape control to enable high drilling flexibility including beam size, shape and drilling modes
  • Optimized for flex R2R*
    • Designed to optimize material tension for minimum handling damage
    • Compact, fully integrated, internal R2R solution
  • Optimized for flex sheet-by-sheet*
    • Supports simultaneous drilling of 2 X 260 mm sheets, side-by-side
    • Ready for sheet handling automation

*Can drill sheets and rolls alternately

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