Orbotech Jetext

Orbotech Jetext is an innovative ink deposition control system offering a smarter and safer alternative to laser marking for legends and 2D barcode marking. Powered by DotStream Pro Technology™, Orbotech Jetext utilizes new and flexible inks for package substrate marking to eliminate the risk of heat or contact damage found in laser engraving.

Risk-free application

  • Harnesses non-invasive technology
  • Handles thermal stress generated by laser ablation
  • Eliminates risk of heat damage to dies and components

High throughput and attractive COO

  • Provides faster, clearer results compared to conventional laser marking
  • Maintains throughput regardless of marking density and complexity
  • Optimized design for long lifetime consumables

High quality and accuracy

  • Improves contrast for easy readability on different materials
  • Enables precise, uniform material deposition on uneven surfaces
  • Ensures high registration accuracy (±35μm)

Inquiry about: Orbotech Jetext™: Package marking for advanced packaging

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