Traceability Solution

Tracks the entire PCB manufacturing process down to the individual unit

Orbotech traceability solution tracks the entire PCB manufacturing process including the production & process record of every printed circuit board and each process it has undergone. Traceability controls and monitors PCB quality enabling root cause analysis that improves the capabilities of PCB manufacturers while ensuring product quality, increased efficiency, and lower costs.

Orbotech traceability solution enables PCB makers not only to identify and track detailed production history -including manufacturing process [e.g. machines, parameters, actions] and time-specific information [e.g. operator name, shift, lot number] - but also to make the most of such data. Adding significant value to the production flow from start to finish, Orbotech's traceability solution is based in a central smart factory data server - the Orbotech Data Server [0DS]. Leveraging Orbotech's presence throughout the PCB process, the 0DS serves as a single connection point and interface for rapid data sharing across all production stages and at all output levels, even down to the individual PCB unit. Benefits:

  • Optimizes Production Cycle - Shorten the feedback loop in the shop floor
  • Improves Quality Control - By keeping a record of every stage in the production
  • Complete Visibility - Historical view of the process down to unit level

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