1. Direct Imaging for Patterning

    Direct Imaging for Patterning Decrease cost of ownership while maintaining optimal quality at high speeds Orbotech’s direct imaging (DI) solutions for patterning enable PCB manufacturers to achieve the best imaging results with the highest throughput. Our DI systems help decrease overall cost of ownership while maintaining optimal quality at
  2. Automated Optical Shaping

    Automated Optical Shaping Innovate AOS solutions to increase PCB yield and eliminate scrap Orbotech AOS technologies drive the market with leading fully automated solutions and with the only solution that shapes both opens and shorts defects. Orbotech AOS enable manufacturers to achieve high-speed, quality shaping of both opens and
  3. Metrology Integrated AOI

    2D Metrology AOI with Integrated 2D Metrology    Orbotech AOI solutions, including Discovery™ II, Fusion™ and Ultra Fusion™ can be enhanced with 2D Metrology supporting IPQC (In-process Quality Control) as a powerful integrated option. Only Orbotech 2D Metrology enables continuous automatic measurement of both top and bottom copper widths of
  4. Additive Printing Solutions

    Additive Printing Solutions DAM Printing Inkjet printing is a cost-effective and accurate tool to print a barrier (DAM) to prevent underfill leakage or create keep-out zones between active and passive components. Benefits of Orbotech Magna™ for DAM printing Cost and space saving vs. solder dispenser Higher throughput and
  5. Direct Imaging for Solder Mask

    Solder Mask DI SYSTEMS FOR IMAGING SOLDER MASK LAYERS Orbotech’s leading direct imaging (DI) solutions for solder mask (SM) deliver high accuracy, high quality imaging and high throughput for any solder mask design, from the simplest to the most complex. These high-capacity, field-proven solutions for mass production
  6. AOI for Touch Sensors

    Orbotech AOI for Touch Bringing a new level of quality to touch screen manufacturing Fan out (metal) lines in touch sensors are produced by a simple analog process which results in a high defect rate. To increase production yields and improve profitability, Orbotech offers a field-proven automated optical inspection
  7. APCVD

    APCVD Self-cleaning belt conveyor enabling excellent system reliability with the lowest CoO for dielectric gap-fill. Under agreement with SPP Technologies, Ltd., SPTS offers solutions for Atmospheric Pressure CVD of SiH4 or TEOS based dielectrics. These APCVD product line based on patented Watkins Johnson (WJ) linear injector technology enables
  8. Vertical Batch Furnaces

    LPCVD / Diffusion Under agreement with SPP Technologies, Ltd., SPTS offers a range of large batch vertical furnaces. We are able to offer both new and factory-certified re-manufactured systems as well as custom system conversions to meet specific engineering requirements. The production-proven vertical furnaces deliver superior process results