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Sprint™ Series

Powered by Orbotech DotStream Pro Technology™, Sprint™ 200 and Sprint™ 150 systems deliver cost-effective, top quality industrial inkjet printing for a consistently accurate production of even the most advanced legend designs to meet any manufacturing volume need.

  • High volume production with top quality and accuracy
  • Uniform printing on challenging surfaces and thick copper traces: lines and spaces down 3 mil and characters even below 0.5mm* height
  • Unparalleled fine features sharpness and readability
  • High Depth-of-Focus (DOF) of 1.5mm
  • Registration accuracy of ±35μm
  • A wide range of panel thicknesses - from 0.1mm up to 7.5 mm
  • Extensive functions for product traceability and quality control
  • Prints on Rigid, Rigid-Flex and Flex PCB using approved inks
  • Fully automated or manual operation

* Requires special printing modes and well-controlled Solder Mask surface tension.

Sprint™ 200

Sprint™ 150


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