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UV Laser Drilling


Orbotech’s Emerald™ 160/160i series deliver a new level of advanced UV drilling performance for today’s most challenging IC substrate and assembly applications. Powered by Orbotech’s innovative Multi-Path Technology™, this unique series of UV Laser Drilling solutions provides best-in-class, high-speed precision drilling. Emerald™ 160/160i series consistently meets the demands of increasingly complex designs to ensure maximum performance and cost savings. Emerald™ 160 was designed for fcCSP/fcBGA substrates and LTCC with 10μm accuracy and 18μm spot size, while Emerald™ 160i - with improved beam quality and superior accuracy down to 6μm and 15μm spot size - was optimized to support advanced packaging applications like organic interposers/2.1D and embedded die.

Emerald™ 160/160i series

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