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IC Substrates
Offering New Levels of DI Performance for FC-CSP, FC-BGA and Modules Manufacturing
Orbotech's field-proven range of DI systems are especially designed to handle even the most challenging FC-BGA, FC-CSP, BGA/CSP and Modules applications. This breakthrough in fine-line imaging, high DI throughput and superior registration accuracy, delivers unmatched imaging results.

The systems feature Orbotech’s patented LSO Technology™ which can image ultra-fine lines down to 8µm. For the FC-BGA/FC-CSP production our field proven system supports SAP and modified versions of SAP processes, while ensuring pitch down to 20µm. For advanced BGA/CSP subtractive production, our system provides throughput of up to 110 prints per hour.

Leading IC Substrates manufacturers are already using Orbotech DI systems to meet their advanced FC-BGA, FC-CSP, BGA/CSP and Modules production needs, to achieve higher yields that significantly lower their bottom-lines costs, while increasing their ROI.
Line Width Range (µm)

Paragon™-Ultra 300

8µm with 20µm pitch
Paragon™-Ultra 200X 8µm with 20µm pitch
Nuvogo™ Fine 8/10 10µm with 25µm pitch
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