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Advanced HDI, Advanced Flex

Nuvogo™ is a next-generation Direct Imaging (DI) solution capable of imaging on every resist type, affording maximum flexibility to PCB makers. Designed to streamline the manufacturing processes for today’s electronic devices as they become thinner, smaller, flexible and with higher functionality, the Nuvogo series allows PCB manufacturers to increase their yield, improve their throughput and lower their total cost of ownership.

The Nuvogo series is powered by MultiWave Laser Technology™ which enables optimal line structure, allowing PCB manufacturers to choose lower-cost resist types. With systems designed for all types of production processes, from mSAP to the subtractive process, these high-precision machines are able to achieve exceptionally high productivity with unprecedented quality. Superior line uniformity and registration accuracy is achieved through Orbotech’s field-proven Large Scan Optics (LSO) Technology™. Suitable for the most advanced HDI production and flex, Nuvogo™ ensures a high Depth-of-Focus critical for maximizing yields in increasingly challenging production environments. The combination of super high-productivity, flexibility to use almost any resist and unmatched yields results in the lowest possible cost-per-print and significantly lowers the system's total cost of ownership.


Line Width Range

Nuvogo™ Fine 8/10
10/15µm (Pitch 25µm)

Nuvogo™ 1000/1000XL

Nuvogo™ 800/800XL    

Nuvogo™ 700/700XL
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