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HDI, Flex, Advanced MLB
Nuvogo™ is a next-generation Direct Imaging (DI) solution capable of imaging on almost every resist type, affording maximum flexibility to PCB makers. Powered by MultiWave Laser Technology™, Nuvogo™ generates a multi wavelength laser beam for optimal line structure. This provides PCB manufacturers the ability to choose lower-cost resist types in order to further reduce total operating costs.

This high-productivity machine is able to achieve up to 7,000 panels/day/line at unprecedented quality. Superior line uniformity and registration accuracy is achieved through Orbotech’s field-proven Large Scan Optics (LSO) Technology™. Suitable for the most advanced HDI production, Nuvogo™ ensures a high Depth-of-Focus critical for maximizing yields in increasingly challenging production environments. The combination of super high-productivity, flexibility to use almost any resist and unmatched yields results in the lowest possible cost-per-print and significantly lowers the system's total cost of ownership.
Line Width Range
Nuvogo™ 1000/1000XL 24µm
Nuvogo™ 800/800 XL 18µm
Nuvogo™ 700/700XL 18µm
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