What we believe in

Commitment to partnership

Building partnerships with our customers, working together to understand and meet their needs


Developing, delivering and implementing innovative high-quality service solutions, processes and products


Ensuring KLA's FPD division's unique experience and expertise is available to our customers, enabling them to reduce ramp-up time, optimize manufacturing conditions and increase yields

Performance and efficiency

Delivering service solutions and products in a timely, systematic and proactive way


Working together, across borders and boundaries to support the customer needs

Our Portfolio

The FPD Customer Services organization offers a diverse range of services and solutions that are specifically geared to the needs of FPD manufacturers.

We provide expertise and support for every customer need, and for every stage of the equipment life cycle and production process, from ramp-up to mass production.

Equipment Installation & Integration

We lead each equipment installation project, from pre-installation through to customer acceptance.

Project management stages include:

  • Pre-installation meetings with the customer to plan and finalize installation specifications and process
  • Continuous assessment of customer requirements against the solution in development
  • Equipment installation, calibration and integration into the production line by our experienced, professional local and expert teams

Support Center and Onsite Services

Following equipment installation, we continue to maintain all aspects
of our system’s performance at the facility.

  • Our technical, application and process experts are only a phone call away. They will answer any question and provide tips to ensure the optimal operation of the equipment
  • Local support engineers and specialists offer on-site support to maintain maximum operational efficiency and minimize potential downtime

Flexible support contracts are available that enable customers to choose the right service mode for their needs.

Global Logistics Infrastructure

We work hand in hand with KLA's global logistics infrastructure and its extensive network of local logistics hubs located near the customer sites.

  • Fast delivery of replacement parts and consumables,with minimal disruptions in equipment operation

Technical Management and Equipment Enhancement Services

Our technical management team and local equipment experts serve as a link between the FPD division's R&D and the customers.

  • Constant assessment of the changes in the market and FPD manufacturing technologies
  • Developing equipment enhancement solutions that effectively upgrade existing systems to deal with changing production requirements
  • Developing new solutions to meet future FPD manufacturing trends
  • Consulting services to help customers get the maximum out of their equipment
  • Value-added packages that include regular software version releases, and hardware and customization upgrades

Knowledge Management

We believe that knowledge is critical for performance enhancement.

Our knowledge programsup-to-date documentation, and best practice procedures provide our customers with the knowledge and skills required for optimal setup, efficient operation and correct equipment maintenance.

A wide variety of training courses and programs is available, for:

  • Different products and tasks
  • Different levels of expertise, from basic training to advanced high level programs
  • Different audiences such as operators, safety officers, site supervisors, maintenance engineers, process engineers, etc.

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