Orbotech Neos™ series

Orbotech Neos™ is an innovative additive printing (AP) solution for solder mask (SM) layer printing. Powered by our groundbreaking Structural Printing Technology™ and field-proven DotStream Pro Technology™, the eco-friendly Orbotech Neos series simplifies conventional SM processing and drastically cuts time to market (TTM). Based on an innovative intelligent platform, Orbotech Neos ensures consistent quality and reliability of the SM layer, while enabling a decreased total cost of ownership (TCO).

Short, simple production process

  • Streamlined printing process
  • Fast time to market (TTM)
  • Optimized resources using 100% additive printing solution

Consistent high quality and reliability

  • Accurate printing for SM dams and programmable thickness
  • Superior registration accuracy with partial scaling support
  • Unparalleled depth of focus (DOF) for precise printing on challenging surface topographies

Low total cost of operations (TCO)

  • Significant reduction of solder mask process costs
  • Optimized printer head for longer lifetime
  • Intelligent self-maintenance solution

Eco-friendly Solution

  • Short, resource-saving process (less labor, power consumption, consumables and floor space)
  • Enhanced utilization of ink (closed-loop, no waste)
  • No waste treatment processes necessary

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