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Driven by the adoption of electronic components in an ever more diverse range of products, the semiconductor industry is facing a new era. Device scaling and cost reduction will no longer continue on the path they followed for the past few decades, as defined by Moore’s law. In order to answer market demands, the industry is looking for technology solutions to bridge the gap and revive the cost/performance curve, while adding more functionality through integration. This webcast will illustrate the different types of More than Moore devices as well as the megatrend applications drivers.

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Photo AmandinePizzagalli YOLE 2018

Amandine Pizzagalli is a Technology & Market Analyst, Equipment & Materials - Semiconductor Manufacturing, at Yole Développement (Yole). Amandine is part of the development of the Semiconductor & Software division of Yole with the production of reports and custom consulting projects. She is in charge of comprehensive analyses focused on semiconductor equipment, materials and manufacturing processes.



D Butler 2017


David Butler, EVP and General Manager of SPTS Technologies, will be joining the webcast and will  be pesenting his vision of the industry with a presentation entitled "Trends in Wafer Processing Technologies for RF MEMS". David has overall responsibility of product management and marketing of SPTS’s portfolio of industry leading etch and deposition process solutions and executive relationships with SPTS’s customers.