Orbotech Infinitum™

Direct imaging for flex R2R

Orbotech Infinitum™ is a groundbreaking roll-to-roll direct imaging solution for mass production of flex PCBs. Developed from the ground up, the Orbotech Infinitum is driven by unique field-proven and newly developed technologies.

Orbotech's new Drum Direct Imaging (DDI) Technology™ enables ideal material handling and high-speed imaging, delivering extremely high yield and throughput for even the most delicate flex materials. Orbotech Infinitum™ leverages Orbotech's field-proven Large Scan Optics (LSO) Technology™ and MultiWave Laser Technology™ to ensure superior line quality, uniformity and accuracy as well as high compatibility with a wide range of resists and processes.  

Orbotech Infinitum is an all-in-one, compact and closed innovative solution that ensures superior performance and optimal efficiency reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Key benefits:

  • Ideal material handling, superior yield
    • Innovative drum-based solution for ideal material handling
    • Controlled low tension material movement prevents distortion
    • Integrated automated cleaning mechanism eliminating particles
  • Fast throughput, high capacity
    • Continuous, unidirectional and constant drum rotation ensures maximum productivity
    •  High imaging efficiency with on-the-fly target recognition
    • Maximized uptime with quick job and roll changeovers
  • Outstanding imaging quality
    • Super fine line structure and uniformity
    • High registration accuracy enabled by advanced scaling
    • Uniquely suitable for long (‘infinite’) frame jobs
  • Compact, clean and user friendly
    • Single, closed box with a minimal footprint
    • Highly intuitive GUI
    • Eco-friendly

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