Orbotech Ltd - Suppliers Documents

The following documents are available for downloading by Orbotech’s suppliers.
Please contact your local Orbotech Ltd. representative if you should have any questions regarding the content.

Invoice Handling - Important Notification

In order to meet the payment terms agreed with between Orbotech and its suppliers, all goods arrived to our warehouse should be accompanied with an original invoice.

The invoice must include Orbotech PO number, Release number (in case the PO is blanket agreement release), Orbotech P/N and description.

For service items POs the supplier should write the name of Orbotech employee that ordered the service, and clear description as shown in the PO. All other service invoices should be sent directly to our finance department.

In case the information will not be as requested above, Orbotech finance will not be able to handle the invoice for payment.Suppliers will not send duplicate invoices by email or mail, unless specifically requested.
Orbotech is committed to ensuring transparency and open communication with you, our valued suppliers. As part of this policy, we are initiating a new process which will keep you proactively updated on the status of your invoices. We hope that by doing this we will save both your time and any effort spent in checking invoice status.

How will this work? It’s quite simple.

Every time that one of your invoices is entered into our accounting system, we will let you know. We will send you an email which will include an excel file detailing all the outstanding invoices that appear in our system. The email will get sent out at the end of the relevant working day.

All of Orbotech’s suppliers should comply with and follow Orbotech’s policy relating to Conflict Minerals, set forth at Orbotech Conflict Minerals Document. For more information please refer to the PO.