Orbotech DDV Pro for Process Control

Improving control of PCB quality with actionable insights.

DDV Pro provides PCB manufacturers with actionable intelligence to enable them to make smarter, faster and more efficient decisions that improve the production process. DDV Pro is an automated process-analysis module that provides, in real time, a comprehensive and accurate defect distribution map from panel level down to the unique PCB unit – and across AOI, Verification and AOS manufacturing stages. Part of the Orbotech Smart Factory, the DDV Pro module sits on the ODS (Orbotech Data Server). Offering actionable manufacturing intelligence based on a detailed, results-driven picture of the PCB design and production process, DDV Pro supports single- (lot) and multi-layer (panel) modes, as well as traceability, by aggregating 2D barcodes.

Identifying trends throughout the design and manufacturing stages, DDV Pro minimizes recalls, scrap and quality issues and supports quality and engineering teams in making better and faster decisions to ensure high production quality. With DDV Pro, PCB manufacturers pinpoint defect trends throughout the process, carry out root-cause analysis, and close the feedback loop with designers based on real production data.


  • Breakdown Analysis - Fast differentiation between process trends and design issues
  • Accuracy and Precision - High-resolution CAM image with zoom-in capabilities
  • Actionable Insights - Highly effective identification of process trends across all layers

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